A lightweight point-cloud-processing application for BIM Software


  • is able to read, interactively render, crop, and efficiently process 3D unordered noisy point clouds created by LIDAR scanning, stored in E57 and LAS file formats, which are commonly used in architecture;
  • provides an automatic elevation histogram that can be used to select peak elevations as story levels;
  • is capable of click-based selection and merging of points and planar surroundings, by performing spectral analysis to extract dominant planar like subsets of the point cloud;
  • is able to change manually or automatically the threshold parameters that affect the point selection and planar neighborhood detection, unification and subtraction;
  • can determine the optimal theoretical planes that approximate the selected planar point sets and calculate the intersection of successive optimal planes to generate the boundary surface of geometries with closed or open base polygons (e.g., zones, walls and simple quadrilateral meshes);
  • is capable of click-based measurement of rectangular openings (e.g., doors and windows) on the boundary surface of the obtained geometries;
  • is able to send seamlessly point cloud segments, story levels, resulting geometries and measured openings as native elements to a receiving BIM Software (currently only Archicad 26 & 27 are supported), by communicating with an add-on that is automatically registered during installation and which is able to automatically generate the missing interior or exterior walls between or around zones.


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